Friday, February 29, 2008

What's your boggart?

There is an old saying: What you most wish for and what you most fear will both come true!

I have observed very so often and most people would have that when we want something desperately sooner or later we achieve it. Same holds true the other way round. Sometimes we do not want something equally desperately. This desperation gives those things a lot of energy that helps them manifest in our lives.

Sometimes the things we most dread are the ones we will have to face eventually. There is a very interesting story in Harry Potter that introduces something called a 'Boggart'. A boggart is a magical creature and a mischievous one. It hides in small, dark, enclosed places, such as closets, under beds, its natural size being quite small. The intriguing twist is that when anyone looks at it, it changes shape to become whatever that person fears most. It reads a person's greatest fear and manifests itself as the fear. So otherwise small it seems to become huge when given any importance.

Now how to make the boggart disappear. Transform the image of your greatest fear into something else, something funny and amusing pointing a wand at the boggart and saying "Riddikulus". Boggarts are weakened by laughter.

Moral of the story: If we face our fears with dread they become even greater. But if we face them with confidence and spirit eventually we can get rid of them.

So what is your boggart and how will you use your spell?

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Mind Curry said...

riddikulus!! hahaah...