Friday, June 27, 2008

Sudoku and the game of life!

The game of Sudoku has many similarities to the game of life. The game has a grid and boxes in which a few numbers are already in place. In life too, we start with a given set of situations and then work them up.

In Sudoku we need to follow a set of rules to build up the grid, filling each row, column and box with numbers ranging from one to nine. Similarly we need to follow rules to build up the grid of life filling each moment, utilizing the resources at hand and maintaining harmony with the different aspects of the world around without hurting anyone. Things will work up the best only if we respect every relationship and every situation, as we respect every number in Sudoku.

Like eliminating the numbers that do not fit in a box, we need to eliminate our faults and work up sometimes through trial and error.

Solving a few puzzles inflates the ego and we crave for more. Similarly in life our ego motivates us to face new challenges and we keep striving for more. Some puzzles are extremely difficult and may take hours. Achieving desired results in life may take years.

We cannot get attached to a particular number and make it fit somehow, we need to let go of the attachments and work according to the suitability of the circumstances.

Like in Sudoku, life presents complexities. Patience, faith and continuous efforts is the key to both. We can excel in the game of life through practice and experience, learning from mistakes and developing new skills.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Waiting on God

Why God answers some prayers while denies others? Sometimes God answers before we call, but then there are also occasions when God seems to stand afar and delays calls. Sometimes we have to wait on God.

There are times when we have to go through a lot of struggle, nothing seems to be going the way we want, all plans going astray. These are the times I like to call 'Bad times' and I believe everyone has a share of those. We are sad and lonely, success is beyond the reach and faith is dwindling. These are the times we need to wait on God.

Waiting on God means living a life of desire towards Him, depending on Him and keeping our faith alive. It is such times that bring us a step closer to our own being and to God. We wait on Him more on such rainy days when we are seeking shelter and the waiting prevents dampening of our spirit. It is amazing how in spite of all the troubles we face we still are able to keep the head high and are not ready to give up. We keep going and do not realize when the darkness gives way to light and there comes what I call the 'Good times'. The prayers are finally answered.

This is an eternal cycle that keeps us motivated and helps us remember the small but important things, like being humble and being good to our fellow beings. It is the bad times that make us happier and humbler during the good times. When our affairs prosper and we are possessed of success and plenty, looking back makes us thank God and thank all those who helped us in our struggle. This circle of time makes us feel at home with Him and our own never say die spirit. This is the true victory.

All prayers are answered, but in a way and in a time when they need to be answered!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lesson from the Gita

The great scripture Bhagvada Gita very beautifully explains the essence of life and spirit.

The battlefield of the legendary war Mahabharatha embodies the world which is truly a battleground for a moral struggle. In our hearts every day and hour we fight battles. Like Arjuna, the great warrior we face decisive issues in everyday life. In this great battle, Lord Krishna is Arjuna's charioteer. While Arjuna is fighting the battle, Lord Krishna is guiding him. The chariot stands for the psychophysical vehicle that embodies our own mental and physical being. The steeds are the senses, the reins their controls, and the charioteer, the guide, is the spirit or the real self. Krishna, the charioteer is the spirit in us. When the spirit takes control of the senses, it shows the correct path and helps us identify right from wrong. It helps us take the right decisions and motivates our actions towards achieving what we desire.

If we believe in the spirit, we can overcome all challenges and emerge winner in the battle of life. Victory is certain if the spirit guides us. This is the significance of the Gita in our life today.