Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lesson from the Gita

The great scripture Bhagvada Gita very beautifully explains the essence of life and spirit.

The battlefield of the legendary war Mahabharatha embodies the world which is truly a battleground for a moral struggle. In our hearts every day and hour we fight battles. Like Arjuna, the great warrior we face decisive issues in everyday life. In this great battle, Lord Krishna is Arjuna's charioteer. While Arjuna is fighting the battle, Lord Krishna is guiding him. The chariot stands for the psychophysical vehicle that embodies our own mental and physical being. The steeds are the senses, the reins their controls, and the charioteer, the guide, is the spirit or the real self. Krishna, the charioteer is the spirit in us. When the spirit takes control of the senses, it shows the correct path and helps us identify right from wrong. It helps us take the right decisions and motivates our actions towards achieving what we desire.

If we believe in the spirit, we can overcome all challenges and emerge winner in the battle of life. Victory is certain if the spirit guides us. This is the significance of the Gita in our life today.

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