Friday, February 29, 2008

What's your boggart?

There is an old saying: What you most wish for and what you most fear will both come true!

I have observed very so often and most people would have that when we want something desperately sooner or later we achieve it. Same holds true the other way round. Sometimes we do not want something equally desperately. This desperation gives those things a lot of energy that helps them manifest in our lives.

Sometimes the things we most dread are the ones we will have to face eventually. There is a very interesting story in Harry Potter that introduces something called a 'Boggart'. A boggart is a magical creature and a mischievous one. It hides in small, dark, enclosed places, such as closets, under beds, its natural size being quite small. The intriguing twist is that when anyone looks at it, it changes shape to become whatever that person fears most. It reads a person's greatest fear and manifests itself as the fear. So otherwise small it seems to become huge when given any importance.

Now how to make the boggart disappear. Transform the image of your greatest fear into something else, something funny and amusing pointing a wand at the boggart and saying "Riddikulus". Boggarts are weakened by laughter.

Moral of the story: If we face our fears with dread they become even greater. But if we face them with confidence and spirit eventually we can get rid of them.

So what is your boggart and how will you use your spell?

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I really like this song from album Kandisa by Indian Ocean about 'Leaving home'.

We all leave home one day either for higher studies or for job or looking out for a life of our own. We leave the comfort of the home and move out. And then, one day we wish to return. But we can never go back to the same. Because home has changed and in many ways so have we. Siblings are married, the favorite tree we used to climb on for plucking guavas has been cut, sunlight is less now with new buildings coming up in the neighborhood. The old scooter has been sold. Many favorite neighborhood friends have moved out. The crazy posters in our room no longer stand smiling at us and the walls reflect the forbearance of time.

But in many other ways home still remains the same, it is still the good old home where you find all the peace after traveling the mad world around. The snugness of the home welcomes us and gives the well needed comfort after a long tiring journey. We can still talk nonsense with our siblings and shower them with sweet nothings or have more serious family discussions around the coffee table. The freshness of the air surrounds us and relieves us of all stress. Everything starts looking new from this point onwards. Such is the longing of the home. We need to come back again and again how many times ever we may leave it. We have changed but are still the same, needy of affection and seeking the golden past. We are nostalgic!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The Potion of Luck

Being a Harry Potter fan, I am inspired by his stories and sometimes can relate to the incidents he goes through in his life. I was frantically looking for a job when I was reading a Harry Potter book when a particular incident inspired me a lot that I would like to narrate.

This boy is the captain of his Quidditch (a wizard sport) team and has a very important match against the rival team. It is extremely important for them to win the match to enter the finals. Now the goal keeper in the team, Harry's best friend Ron, is not very good at the sport and is particularly not confident of his skills. He gets nervous during the game and has made the team lose matches in the past. Right after the breakfast the match starts and they are both nervous about it. Harry has a brilliant idea. Well, going back a little, this boy once won a luck potion called 'Felix Felicis' by scoring full marks in a 'Potions' test. If anyone drinks few drops of this potion, he gets really lucky for the next 12 hours. But it is not very advisable to have this potion very too often as it may lead to an addiction. And it is especially not a good idea to win a match by foul play. But sometimes the desperation to win overpowers all reason. So he puts a few drops in Ron's juice and he is ready to get lucky for the course of the match. As luck would have it, everything turned out to his favor, all his moves turned to be masterstrokes, his opponents did mistakes to his favor and they emerged winners. Now Hermione who is particulary idealistic was not happy with this as she thought they had cheated. She was extremely crossed with both her friends. To appease her, Harry had to admit the truth that he had faked putting felix felicis in Ron's drink. He had only put water. This only gave Ron the confidence and just by thinking about his good luck his luck actually favored him that day.

So is there a lesson learned here?

'Looking For Good Luck Creates It'.

I actually tried it when I was going for interviews, I would imagine drinking the 'Felix Felicis'. This not only gave me confidence but I really felt I have Lady Luck shining over me. And believe me it helped.

When we acknowledge luck, and look for more, we create a certain frame of mind. It helps us take advantage of opportunities we might otherwise not recognize.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Significance of Hanuman

More than being a deity revered in the Hindu religion, Hanuman is a concept. Conceptually, Hanuman is the mind, Rama is the soul. It is the surrender of mind to soul, matter to spirit. Hanuman is power personified. The Hanuman in us is fearlessness and doing what comes naturally to us.

Hanuman overcame difficulties with courage, patience and spirit. In time of danger he exhibited courage and presence of mind. He was unselfish, steady and firm in his actions. He would not submit to failure. All his actions were offerings to Rama. Through dedication towards his work, he attained identity with Rama, as the river attains identity with the sea.

We should try to keep God ever in our mind as the pacesetter in whatever work we are doing. This is the highest form of worship. Simply offering one act of genuine work attracts the grace of God.

This is the significance of Hanuman and his relevance in our lives today.

Live Life King Size!

I have come across this phrase very often and have been pondering over it. We all dream about living like a king. But what does that mean? Does living like a king mean living in a luxurious house, having loads of money, having all the power in the world? With most of us having little money in our pockets, a small apartment to live in, several liabilities and responsibilities, facing the nitty gritties of everyday life, we surely cannot live like a king.

Thinking about it last night, I had a strange feeling. I thought are we not the king of our own lives. It is we who determine what we do, where we go, what we eat, where we live. We develop our own lifestyle, we choose our own friends, switch jobs whenever we want to, choose to be vegetarians or not, marry the person whom we select, pursue hobbies we are interested in. Yes, we can drive our life as and where we want to, but only if we 'want' to. We as individuals are responsible for our own self and can lead a life we have imagined making the best use of whatever we have. We can exercise our power in our own little world.

Living life to the fullest with whatever resources we have, and Living life on our own terms.

I think that is what living like a king means!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Why Worry?

Sometimes I worry a lot, to the extent of churning my mind inside out and getting stressed. But is there really a need to worry so much. A great person has said that God is managing affairs and he doesn't need any advice from us. With God in charge everything will work out for the best in the end. So what is there to worry about? I know there are many people who do not believe so much in God. They, I would say, need not worry as well because they have handled all their problems in the past with great dignity and will continue to do so in the future as well. So what is there to worry about?

I wish I could heed the above advice and stop worrying over petty things. At least I can try, we all can.