Friday, February 8, 2008

The Potion of Luck

Being a Harry Potter fan, I am inspired by his stories and sometimes can relate to the incidents he goes through in his life. I was frantically looking for a job when I was reading a Harry Potter book when a particular incident inspired me a lot that I would like to narrate.

This boy is the captain of his Quidditch (a wizard sport) team and has a very important match against the rival team. It is extremely important for them to win the match to enter the finals. Now the goal keeper in the team, Harry's best friend Ron, is not very good at the sport and is particularly not confident of his skills. He gets nervous during the game and has made the team lose matches in the past. Right after the breakfast the match starts and they are both nervous about it. Harry has a brilliant idea. Well, going back a little, this boy once won a luck potion called 'Felix Felicis' by scoring full marks in a 'Potions' test. If anyone drinks few drops of this potion, he gets really lucky for the next 12 hours. But it is not very advisable to have this potion very too often as it may lead to an addiction. And it is especially not a good idea to win a match by foul play. But sometimes the desperation to win overpowers all reason. So he puts a few drops in Ron's juice and he is ready to get lucky for the course of the match. As luck would have it, everything turned out to his favor, all his moves turned to be masterstrokes, his opponents did mistakes to his favor and they emerged winners. Now Hermione who is particulary idealistic was not happy with this as she thought they had cheated. She was extremely crossed with both her friends. To appease her, Harry had to admit the truth that he had faked putting felix felicis in Ron's drink. He had only put water. This only gave Ron the confidence and just by thinking about his good luck his luck actually favored him that day.

So is there a lesson learned here?

'Looking For Good Luck Creates It'.

I actually tried it when I was going for interviews, I would imagine drinking the 'Felix Felicis'. This not only gave me confidence but I really felt I have Lady Luck shining over me. And believe me it helped.

When we acknowledge luck, and look for more, we create a certain frame of mind. It helps us take advantage of opportunities we might otherwise not recognize.


Vipzz said...

Nice :)

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seems TOI came across your blog and decided to pluck a page out of it....