Saturday, February 16, 2008


I really like this song from album Kandisa by Indian Ocean about 'Leaving home'.

We all leave home one day either for higher studies or for job or looking out for a life of our own. We leave the comfort of the home and move out. And then, one day we wish to return. But we can never go back to the same. Because home has changed and in many ways so have we. Siblings are married, the favorite tree we used to climb on for plucking guavas has been cut, sunlight is less now with new buildings coming up in the neighborhood. The old scooter has been sold. Many favorite neighborhood friends have moved out. The crazy posters in our room no longer stand smiling at us and the walls reflect the forbearance of time.

But in many other ways home still remains the same, it is still the good old home where you find all the peace after traveling the mad world around. The snugness of the home welcomes us and gives the well needed comfort after a long tiring journey. We can still talk nonsense with our siblings and shower them with sweet nothings or have more serious family discussions around the coffee table. The freshness of the air surrounds us and relieves us of all stress. Everything starts looking new from this point onwards. Such is the longing of the home. We need to come back again and again how many times ever we may leave it. We have changed but are still the same, needy of affection and seeking the golden past. We are nostalgic!

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