Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Live Life King Size!

I have come across this phrase very often and have been pondering over it. We all dream about living like a king. But what does that mean? Does living like a king mean living in a luxurious house, having loads of money, having all the power in the world? With most of us having little money in our pockets, a small apartment to live in, several liabilities and responsibilities, facing the nitty gritties of everyday life, we surely cannot live like a king.

Thinking about it last night, I had a strange feeling. I thought are we not the king of our own lives. It is we who determine what we do, where we go, what we eat, where we live. We develop our own lifestyle, we choose our own friends, switch jobs whenever we want to, choose to be vegetarians or not, marry the person whom we select, pursue hobbies we are interested in. Yes, we can drive our life as and where we want to, but only if we 'want' to. We as individuals are responsible for our own self and can lead a life we have imagined making the best use of whatever we have. We can exercise our power in our own little world.

Living life to the fullest with whatever resources we have, and Living life on our own terms.

I think that is what living like a king means!

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