Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Significance of Hanuman

More than being a deity revered in the Hindu religion, Hanuman is a concept. Conceptually, Hanuman is the mind, Rama is the soul. It is the surrender of mind to soul, matter to spirit. Hanuman is power personified. The Hanuman in us is fearlessness and doing what comes naturally to us.

Hanuman overcame difficulties with courage, patience and spirit. In time of danger he exhibited courage and presence of mind. He was unselfish, steady and firm in his actions. He would not submit to failure. All his actions were offerings to Rama. Through dedication towards his work, he attained identity with Rama, as the river attains identity with the sea.

We should try to keep God ever in our mind as the pacesetter in whatever work we are doing. This is the highest form of worship. Simply offering one act of genuine work attracts the grace of God.

This is the significance of Hanuman and his relevance in our lives today.

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