Friday, June 27, 2008

Sudoku and the game of life!

The game of Sudoku has many similarities to the game of life. The game has a grid and boxes in which a few numbers are already in place. In life too, we start with a given set of situations and then work them up.

In Sudoku we need to follow a set of rules to build up the grid, filling each row, column and box with numbers ranging from one to nine. Similarly we need to follow rules to build up the grid of life filling each moment, utilizing the resources at hand and maintaining harmony with the different aspects of the world around without hurting anyone. Things will work up the best only if we respect every relationship and every situation, as we respect every number in Sudoku.

Like eliminating the numbers that do not fit in a box, we need to eliminate our faults and work up sometimes through trial and error.

Solving a few puzzles inflates the ego and we crave for more. Similarly in life our ego motivates us to face new challenges and we keep striving for more. Some puzzles are extremely difficult and may take hours. Achieving desired results in life may take years.

We cannot get attached to a particular number and make it fit somehow, we need to let go of the attachments and work according to the suitability of the circumstances.

Like in Sudoku, life presents complexities. Patience, faith and continuous efforts is the key to both. We can excel in the game of life through practice and experience, learning from mistakes and developing new skills.

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