Thursday, April 3, 2008

Welcoming Spring!

The advent of a new season is always so exciting. Whether it is our constant desire for change or the freshness that a new season brings we are always happy to bid adieu to the winter and welcome spring, swim happily into the summer as spring leaves us, say goodbye to summer as autumn approaches and are ready for the quietness of the winter as nature comes a full circle yet again.

The arrival of the spring brings a new freshness to everything around. New leaves fluttering on the tips of longing branches, flowers blooming into a romantic orgy of beauty and desire and the whole atmosphere is filled with fragrance and colors. We cherish the sunlight and the lengthening of the days. It is the season of the cherry blossom and the beginning of a new harvest.
Early morning chirping of the birds, the warmth in the weather and the evening breeze is what makes spring so special. The streams and rivers swell as the snow melts and the trees gush with their new wealth.

While summer brings along with it the excitement of water sports and beach picnics, autumn gives a treat to the eyes with the colors of the fall, and winters mark a quieter and relaxed end of the year when snow sports give a boost to adrenalin levels.
But of all the wonders that nature presents, I like the spring the most and basking in the spring sun fills me with new energy. I feel a step closer to the nature and I feel bright and cheerful. It is also the time for some new exploration as we make plans for the coming summer months.

Extending a warm welcome to spring...

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