Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fear of the unknown

When we are born, we cradle comfortably in the trusting arms of our mother. Then mother induces us to walk. We walk a few steps, then are afraid, lose the balance, and fall. Mother holds our little fingers in her own magical hands, endures our so many falls, helps us rise again as she drives us into the unknown world.

The unknown world out there is fearsome. As mother gently pushes us to walk on our own, she protects us till we right ourselves and then leaves us free. This is very similar to our relationship with God and the way we live life.

Throughout our life we are thrust into the unknown as we face new challenges, wake up to new horizons and constantly endure the circle of change. We tend to cling to the familiar but most of the times change becomes inevitable and we have to believe in the larger scheme of life and the universe. As we are pushed into the unknown world, we feel threatened, alone and fearful, but God like the mother protects us from all sides. When we feel we will have a free fall, God, whether through family, friends or kind strangers, covers us and protects us till we are able to right ourselves again.

We may flounder but God's protective hand bears us and enables us to walk. Thus although we may feel we can no longer handle the uncertainty, we need to have the trust that we will be able to overcome what we need to and with this trust we will be able to walk into the uncharted with a confident gait.

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