Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My random thoughts this morning..

Sometimes its just important to dream and silently move in the direction of whatever path looks right. Sometimes the future is uncertain but desires are big. And sometimes just the road we take makes all the difference.

Times and again in life we are faced with changes and challenges that make life unstable. We think why again, again this time when everything was so right, the sudden turn of events. Again left at the hands of destiny, what will happen next. Which road we will have to take next. Will I ever achieve my desires. Will I ever realize my dreams. And the answer thankfully is yes. Each one of us lands in soup one time or other, and given the grit that is so inherent of us, each one of us emerges shining each time. The key is to believe, dream again and not lose hope.
Its not about decisions every time, sometimes we have to leave things on the higher power and just move ahead. However awry things go, everything gets set back in order. Only time is the factor. So is patience and hope.

This post is inspired by a beautiful message sent by a caring friend this morning that goes like this:
'God when I lose hope, help me to remember that your love is greater than my disappointments and your plans for my life are better than my dreams'. -Amen.

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